am I the original, or am I a replica?
s.e asia
Hello! This is the preview of kuzuriha's revamp of her second about page, originally titled Original Color, now named Replica. You can write anything you want here, and if you write too much a scrollbar will appear which make things even more convenient as you can write as long as you want.

This page is inspired by Sakamoto Maaya's song by the same title which was used for the ED of an anime titled M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane. The anime itself was aired in 2014 and had the director of Sailor Moon and the scriptwriter of Anohana taking part in producing this anime.

The icon at the top courtesy to @kuvshinov-ilya. The font used at this page is Source Sans Pro which is available at the Adobe Edgefont website for free and Consolas. This is also my first attempt at using SVG courtesy of SVG Icons and I still can't decide whether I like SVG or font icons better...

I've included notes inside the code to help you edit the page! If there's anything else or you encounter into a problem don't hesitate to drop me an ask. I hope you enjoy this page as much as I enjoyed coding it!